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About FIDIC Asia Pacific

FIDIC supports key areas of the consulting engineering industry by broadening representation and enhancing the industry’s profile. FIDIC activities in some regions are coordinated with the help of regional groups of national member associations. FIDIC associations in the Asia-Pacific region are grouped together in FIDIC Asia Pacific.


FIDIC Asia Pacific is a regional division among five regional groups viz. FIDIC Africa, FIDIC Europe, FIDIC North America, FIDIC Latin America and FIDIC Asia Pacific of the of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), which represents consulting engineering associations across the Asia-Pacific region. This organization aims to enhance the industry’s profile, broaden its representation, and support key areas of consulting engineering. FIDIC Asia Pacific works to improve standards, practices, and policies relevant to the engineering consultancy profession, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members, through coordinated efforts among regional groups of national member associations.


The member associations of FIDIC Asia Pacific include 23 countries across the region. These associations collaborate under the FIDIC umbrella to address regional challenges, share best practices, and promote the growth and development of the engineering consulting sector. FIDIC Asia Pacific also works closely with international partners to ensure the global integration of standards and practices, thus enhancing the quality and efficiency of engineering consultancy services in the Asia-Pacific region.

FIDIC Asia Pacific member associations are listed as below:

1.      Australia 

13.  Malaysia 

2.      Bangladesh 

14.  Maldives

3.      China

15.  Mongolia 

4.      China, Hong Kong

16.  Nepal

5.      China,Taiwan

17.  New Zealand

6.      India

18.  Pakistan

7.      Indonesia

19.  Philippines

8.      Iran

20.  Singapore

9.      Japan

21.  Sri Lanka

10.  Kazakhstan

22.  Thailand

11.  Republic of Korea

23.  Uzbekistan

12.  Vietnam