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Message from the SCAEF President

Representing Society of Consulting Architectural and Engineering Firms (SCAEF) Nepal, I am honored to welcome all the delegates, participants, and / guests to the 2024 FIDIC Asia Pacific Conference themed “Governance for Climate Shocks”. This conference is a crucial platform for encouraging discussion and cooperation on the opportunities and challenges of dealing with climate shocks. Our goal is to encourage meaningful conversations during the focus sessions, where experts and professionals from various sectors will exchange ideas, share best practices, and propose innovative solutions to confront the pressing issue of climate shocks. We understand the importance of embracing a comprehensive approach that harmonizes economic growth with sustainable development using effective governance strategies. SCAEF Nepal, are uniting with the professionals, and researchers from over twenty nations of the Asia Pacific region in the backdrop of majestic Himalayas, in an endeavor to achieve the most effective integration of sustainability into national policy-making for climate shocks. As we witness the rapid spread of these challenges alongside human innovation, it is essential upon us to sensitize policymakers and governance authorities to the profound impact of climate on society and the collective nation at large. Together, let us embark on this journey to pave a path towards a more sustainable future, where resilience and adaptability are at the forefront of our policy agenda